BlackBerry to launch a total of 6 devices this year

BlackBerry to launch a total of 6 devices this year

The newly launched BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, which will be available soon, won’t be the only devices running BlackBerry 10 for long. According to a leaked roadmap, the Canadian company is preparing to launch a total of 6 devices this year. So in addition to the two announced phones, we should see 4 additional models.

One of them will be a tablet, though we’re not sure whether this will be the rumored 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook or just an update to the existing PlayBook. The roadmap suggests such a device will be launched at some point in the second half of the year (Q3/Q4).

Then there are U10 and R10, bigger versions of the Z10 and Q10 respectively, that may even feature faster quad-core processors. The U10 will not only have a bigger screen, but also a significantly reduced bezel, which shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish considering that the Z10 has a ton of “waste space” around the screen. The R10 should follow the similar design pattern, offering more screen estate. The screen resolution will stay the same: 1280×720 pixels for the U10, and 720×720 pixels for the R10.

[Via: CrackBerry, @BB10leaks]

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