Verizon launches Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Service; Could be yours for $250 + $5/month

Verizon launches Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Service

Verizon is teaming-up with Delphi to provide its customers who care a lot about their cars with the Vehicle Diagnostic System. If you’re a car nut or a small business which could benefit from something like this, you may want to try this out to always know what’s happening with your vehicle. In order to do so, you’ll have to buy a $250 hardware module and then pay an additional $5 every month.

The module itself is hooked to the vehicle’s ODBII port, and once plugged – it automatically starts sending data back to your web dashboard and an Android app relying on the built-in mobile Internet connection. Among the data you’ll be able to check out are things like gas mileage, tire pressure, battery status and remaining fuel. Moreover, you can even check engine code to track down a problem, set RPM and speed alerts, and unlock/lock/start/turn off your car remotely.

Of course, this module also comes with a built-in GPS receiver, allowing for fleet management services as well as “good ol'” stalking. You do want to know your kids’ / spouse’s whereabouts, right?

If all this excites you enough, feel free to proceed to this page at Verizon’s website for all additional information. The free to download Android app is linked below.

Delphi Connected Car (FREE) [Google Play Store]

[Via: AndroidPolice]

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