HTC First Software Screens Leak

By now, you probably already know that Facebook will be announcing a brand new, HTC-Made phone tomorrow. You probably also know that the handset’s defining feature is within the software and Facebook has given Android a face lift. Well, a few shots of the new UI have leaked out, and it’s not much to write home about. Or “like.”

The screens we see of the new UI aren’t a terribly dramatic departure from the Android we know today. There’s a minimalism to the screens we see above, which is easy on the eyes, but it’s hardly something that we believe people are going to flock to. Either way, the Facebook phone and it’s new UI is coming regardless if people want it or not.

While the leaked screenshots of the HTC First’s UI aren’t all that special, we can imagine that there will be more than what we see above. Who knows, maybe there will be a few new tricks behind the UI that could truly set the UI apart from existing devices today.

For now, sound off in the comments below with your opinion of the screenshots above.

[Via: 9to5Google via Android Central]


  • Roaduardo

    Does anyone else smell a Microsoft Kin? I hardly ever use my Facebook account anymore, who is this marketed to? Tweens?

    • blakestimac

      Who knows. If priced competitively, it could be a good phone for pure hacking. 🙂

      • Roaduardo

        Ah yes, you are correct sir. If it’s well priced yeah, I can see some devs going to town with this.

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