Google Glass official specs released — 5 megapixel camera, 720p video, and 12GB of usable storage

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Google Glass just gets better and better by the day. The futuristic-looking eyewear is fast approaching its arrival into the consumer market. Today we know more about the hardware and specs included in the upcoming gadget, thanks to this Google Glass support doc. According to the doc, Glass will offer a camera capable of 5 megapixel shots and 720p video. The display is going to bring a sharp picture that is equal to viewing a 25-inch HD display from eight feet.

Furthermore, Google Glass is said to carry 16GB of flash memory (12GB are usable), and it has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on board. Other noteworthy features include a Bone Conduction Transducer to deliver audio and a built-in battery that’s expected to last a full day.

Strangely, Google didn’t divulge any information on what chipset it planned to use in helping power Glass. Although this might not be intentional by the search giant — because maybe they don’t know which chip they’ll use in the last design yet.

Of course, this type of technology on this scale is all new to everyone because there’s nothing to compare it to. That’s what makes Glass so special. Once this thing gets closer to a release date; interest will begin to shift to see how many new treats come out through work from developers.

Whether it’s a phone or special gadget like this; success always hinges on the support it gets from developers. We hope Glass jumps out with all the support and backing it needs to be a legit product.

Time will tell.

[via TechCrunch]

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