Gran Turismo 6 Pops Up On Newegg with Nov. Release Date!

Retail site tantalized Gran Turismo fans with a pre order for GT 6 today. While the listing was taken down almost as quickly as it went up, the screenshots remain and hint at  a potential release date of November 11 this year!  There’s been no comment so far from Sony about the leak but I’m sure they had a hand in its rapid removal.

It’s also pretty noteworthy that the game is listed for the Playstation 3, not 4. In a revealing slip of the tongue last February, SCEE Worldwide senior vice-president Michael Denny dropped the bomb that GT 6 would be coming out for PS3, and this listing would appear to be another confirmation. I’m as excited as anyone for a new Gran Turismo but I find it a little surprising that the nearly 7 year old console could be getting the next installment in what traditionally has been one of Sony’s showcase series.

The potential for a new GT on the next gen PS4 is one of the things that’s so exciting about the system. The Gran Turismo series has always impressed with its visuals (as well as its realistic handling and huge car selection) and new installments have shown what the current Sony hardware can do. I’m sure a new PS3 GT would be lovely; the system has plenty of life in it as far as I’m concerned and Polyphony Digital would squeeze every drop of horsepower out of the old black box. But a next gen Gran Turismo with some of the mind blowing visuals coming out of Sony’s recent press conferences would be incredible.

Obviously, these kind of leaks create a lot of speculation but nothing verifiable, so let’s all hold our breath until Sony makes an announcement. If there is going to be another PS3 Gran Turismo coming out, I hope there’s a PS4 version as well.

[Via: PlaystationLifestyle]



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