Microsoft hints at 7-inch Windows 8 tablets in the works

Microsoft working on smaller Surface tablet?

Microsoft has been rumored to be developing some smaller Windows 8 tablets, possibly within the Surface line, for some time. Today, however, is the first time anyone from Microsoft has spoken out about the possibility. During Microsoft’s Q3 earnings call, the company’s CFO Peter Klein said such tablets are in the works.

Specifically, Klein revealed Microsoft is collaborating with OEMs to work on “a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows.” According to him they will be “will be available in the coming months” at “competitive price points.” I suppose that’s somewhat confirming or at least acknowledging smaller Windows 8 tablets. I’m not sure why Microsoft would half-ass this type of announcement at an earnings call for anything other than possible stock manipulation. Odd.

A Microsoft spokesperson later added that the company has “nothing more to share at this time” in regards to future plans for smaller devices. Perhaps this means Klein made a bit of a faux pas within Microsoft by revealing the information too soon.

Either way, the rumors and the discussion today at the earnings call indicate something is churning. Back in November the rumor was that Microsoft’s 7-inch Surface tablet might be geared toward gaming, but Klein suggesting a “suite of small touch devices” implies the Windows 8 tablets will probably be aimed toward a more general audience. Specifically “small touch devices” could also support the rumors of a Microsoft smartwatch.

[via The Verge]


  • mahadragon

    Because a $900 million write down wasn’t enough for Ballmer. They are going for a record $1 billion+ write down. If their ‘tablets’ (and I use that term loosely) are built for productivity, (and yes, even MS execs have admitted Surface Pro is in fact a laptop with a touch screen (only god knows what RT was made for)), why would you buy it in a 7″ form factor? 10″ is already hard enough to see Word, Excel, Powerpoint and anything else (not to mention a serious lack of disk space). Now you want to shrink it down even more?

    Note to Ballmer: pull your head out of Tim Cook’s arse. Quit trying to be Apple, just be true to yourselves. You need to be making a 13″ or 15″ Surface Pro, not a 7″.

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