Portal 2 is 5 Bucks on Steam Today!

Valve’s online game store Steam has a great deal on one of the best games in recent years. Portal 2, on just about every “best of” list of 2011, is 2 years old today and Valve is commemorating that anniversary with a great price! The sequel to 2007 sleeper hit Portal is well worth the standard $19.99 price, so this deal is a scream! After the 22nd, the price will go back to normal. If you haven’t played this game, get it now. Trust me.

Portal was the sleeper hit of Valve’s “Orange Box” collection back in 2007, which included Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2, and Team Fortress 2. Portal was the unknown on the disc, a weird indie-ish game among a bunch of great FPS content. But once folks gave it a shot, they were converted and Portal became a cult smash. Critics and players alike praised Portal for its unique, reality bending gameplay, great characters and twisted sense of humor. By the way, if you haven’t played Portal yet, you can get both bundled together for $7!

Portal 2 took everything great about the original and expanded it tenfold with beautiful game design (that still looks great 2 years later), unforgettable characters and, of course, the series’ signature mind warping gameplay. The game’s engrossing story is as hilarious as it is disturbing, putting you once again in the shoes of Chell who awakes to find herself in the crumbling ruins of Aperture Labs. Chell is again subject to sadistic “testing” by lunatic AI GLaDOS as she tries to escape the compound and follow the increasingly bizarre crumbs of exposition left for her by previous captor Cave Johnson.

While the single player campaign is incredible, Portal 2 also has one of the most fun and innovative co-op multiplayer experiences around! You and a friend are put into the roles of 2 droids, each armed with a portal gun. One has the entry and one the exit, meaning you have to work together to create a portal that can be passed through. You communicate with each other using a simplified, icon-based system to coordinate your actions. It works surprisingly well, and you feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a particularly tough level together. The multiplayer campaign is playable both online and on split screen (!!!!) and has a fully fleshed out story of its own, as well as several mind-boggling missions.

The whole package is presented with a thick layer of polish and really high production values. The voice acting is all top-notch (for example, Cave Johnson is voiced by well-known character-actor J.K. Simmons) and it really feels cinematic at times without reliance on distracting cut scenes.

This one’s really worth grabbing folks!

[Via: Steam]

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