T-Mobile to Bundle Tethering Features With Unlimited Data Plans April 24th?

TmoNews has obtained a screenshot that shows that T-Mobile is upping the ante with its pre-paid Value and Classic Simple Choice Plans by including its tethering feature in its Unlimited Data Plans. Currently, customers who have a Value or Classic Simple Choice Plan must pay extra to add SMHS, or Smartphone Mobile HotSpot functionality to its smartphones. If this rumor turns out to be true, T-Mobile customers will have the SMHS features bundled with their Unlimited Data Plans on April 24th.

For those customers with an Unlimited Data Value Plan, 500MB of SMHS is already included in the service. The new plans will provide unlimited data with 500MB of SMHS for $20 a month, 2.5GB for $30 and 4.5GB for $40. Customers with an Unlimited Data Classic Value Plan will receive 500MB of SMHS for $30, 2.5GB for $40 and 4.5GB for $50 a month.

This is an important move for T-Mobile, which recently released its “un-carrier” pre-paid plans in an attempt to create a new model for U.S. carriers. This move simplifies things for customers, and aligns with T-Mobile’s rebranding as a fair and simple wireless carrier.

[Via: TmoNews]

  • William

    Is T-Mobile’s Unlimited 4G Plan really Unlimited? If yes tell me how many gigabytes you have used in a month. I have plans on going to T-Mobile if it is true. Sprint Hater!!

    • It is unlimited officially up to 10 GB according to my plan details. I haven’t ever gone over that so I’m not sure if they slow you down or not, but they never charge you extra for anything.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This is something every carrier should be offering. After all, we’re already paying for data and let us/customers decide how to use it.

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