Here are few apps smart handset makers should have pre-installed on their products

Here are few apps smart handset makers should have pre-installed on their products

You know that many of today’s Android smartphones come with a ton of bloatware you never use. Instead of that, I believe that smart handset makers should carefully select apps that will come preloaded on their phones. Here are few of them that I believe can make a big difference in the user experience:

  • aCalendar – probably the best calendar app I’ve seen. It’s easy to use and looks pretty darn fancy.
  • SwiftKey – the best virtual keyboard software. Samsung is already bundling it with the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S4. There’s a reason why they’re taking this route.
  • Evernote – and make it a Premium service if possible. This is the best note-taking app out there. There’s also room to install other Evernote apps like Skitch, Evernote Hello, Evernote Food and Evernote Widget, which could come visible on one of the homescreens by default.
  • ezPDF – the best PDF reader I’ve used. Much better than Adobe’s app.
  • Chrome or some other browser like Dolphin.
  • Contacts + as well as other apps from this company. Just make messages searchable.
  • Social networking apps like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • A VoIP app perhaps? Viber and/or Skype.
  • Great calendar widget – there are a few that are pretty darn awesome.

Those are the essential apps I install as soon as I get a new phone to try out. Simply put – they make my life much easier. Now, do you think I’ve missed some other app you would consider essential? Comments form is all yours. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I would also include Pinterest and Quora to the list…

  • I miss friendster. LOL

  • Why would you need another VoIP messaging app when most Android handsets already come with Google talk?

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