Rumor: Samsung’s Next Tablet Offerings To Include Nexus 11?

New rumors are suggesting that Samsung will be releasing three new tablets later this year, the next iteration of Google’s Nexus tablets, as well as one of their own design. With the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 and the release of the Galaxy S4, this news proves that the South Korean giant is by no means slowing down when it comes to the production of hot new devices.

According to SamMobile, Samsung will be releasing three new tablets later this year, two of them in the 11 inch range and one 8 inch tablet. Galaxy Tab 8 , Galaxy Tab 11 and Nexus 11 anyone? That’s what signs are pointing to.

One of the 11 inch tablets, currently known as the Galaxy Tab 11 will run on a dual-core A15 based Exynos chipset, sport an 8MP rear camera, a 2MP front facing camera, and a microSD slot. The second 11 inch tablet is rumored to be the next iteration of Google’s Nexus line, the Nexus 11, and will feature the Octa-Core A15/A7 chipset that graces some of the international models of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung’s rumored 8 inch offering, the Galaxy Tab 8, will tout a full-HD screen with a 5MP rear camera, 2MP front facing camera, a quad-core Exynos processor and a microSD card. The unit should be touting a AMOLED screen, but Samsung needs to fix a few issues before the screen is ready to roll for the Galaxy Tab 8.

A one inch bump in size from the current popular seven and ten inch tablet sizes is interesting, as it doesn’t seem like that much of an improvement, but could be a good marketing move by differentiating the devices from the current tablet sizes. These rumors have yet to be confirmed, but would not be surprising, and is exciting for those fans of Samsung and Google Nexus devices. What are your thoughts on these rumors?

[Via: Android Spin]

  • Matthew Moisen

    Do you have any idea on when this year they will be released?

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