AT&T Offering up Smartphone Trade-In Program on May 1st

Let’s face it. Your smartphone is looking older and slower when you look at devices like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4. It’s ok. It happens. Luckily, if you’re looking to upgrade your smartphone, then AT&T has your back with a new trade-in program.

Starting May 1st, AT&T will offer a trade-in program that will give you a credit of at least $100 towards a new smartphone. The credit can then be used immediately, making something like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 only $99 on a new contract.

Of course, there are a few limitations to the trade-in offer. The smartphone itself must be no more than three years old, and in good, working condition.

The benefits of a trade-in program like this will mostly help those with phones that are three years old. If your smartphone is newer than that, you might be able to sell the handset yourself and get more money than what AT&T will offer you. Nonetheless, AT&T’s trade-in program will allow for a guaranteed and immediate credit that you can use right then and there.

Of course, if you’re one that cradles your smartphone like a baby and the device is in pristine condition, you’ll likely get more than the $100 credit, which will make that new shiny smartphone you’ve been eyeing even cheaper!

For more details on AT&T’s new smartphone trade-in program, hit up the link below!

[Via: AT&T]

  • Lou84

    I think you need to confirm the information in your posting. I just checked an HTC surround, released November 2010. AT&T value is $5.

    Perfect working condition. I am original owner.

    your article states MINIMUM of $100


    The 100 minimum Only applies to phones 2 years old and newer.

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