Instagram Adds “Photos of You” User Tagging Feature

Tired of having to tag your friends in Instagram by typing their name into the comments? I know I am. Instagram has a new feature coming up that will allow users to tag themselves as well as friends in their snazzy snapshots. The new feature, called “Photos of you” will be available in version 3.5 of Instagram’s app,which is rolling out today. Users will have until May 16th to check the feature out before it starts becoming visible to others.

“Today, we’re excited to introduce Photos of You and bring you a new way to share and discover stories on Instagram. When you upload a photo to Instagram, you’re now able to add people as easily as you add hashtags. Only you can add people to your photos, so you have control over the images you share. And it doesn’t stop at people—you can add any account on Instagram, whether it’s your best friend, favorite coffee shop or even that adorable dog you follow.” – Instagram Blog

The feature will function much the way Facebook’s friend photo tagging feature works, by displaying the photo the user is tagged in a Photos of You section on their Instagram profile. There is also a setting which allows users to be notified of the tag so users can make sure they aren’t tagged in any incriminating photos.

According to the Instagram blog, version 3.5 of Instagram is live in the Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store, however when I tried to update Instagram on my Android device, version 3.5 was not yet available for download. It appears as though version 3.5 is available for iOS users however. Android users, expect the update to take place sometime today.

[Via: Android Guys , Instagram Blog]

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