LG working on Nexus 5 and new Google TV set, says report

LG is in the process of making a Nexus 5 and new Google TV set-top-box and television, according to a report. The plan is for the search giant and LG to collaborate on several new products including another smartphone and an OLED TV set. The two companies teaming up is serious business as Google CEO Larry Page and LG’s chief executive Koo Bon-joon met recently in South Korea, says the Korean Times.

The two execs are reported to be talking about how they could improve their business partnership. New products are on the horizon, including a Nexus 5. This report is somewhat puzzling considering how turbulent things were between the two when both were blaming each other for supply inventory issues for the Nexus 4. Regardless to who fault it was both parties still have a partnership, so the recent bad blood is no more.

Again, we always stress that you should take these reports with a grain a salt until you hear something more official. With Google I/O right around the corner, we should know what Google ultimately has in store. For all we know, Google could throw us a curve-ball, and show us something new from its work with Motorola.

[Korea Times; via BGR]

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