How to turn off Google Now on your iPhone

How to turn off Google Now on your iPhone

If you’re using Google’s search app on the iPhone, you’ve probably noticed Google Now, which presents you with local weather conditions, traffic and some other information. While this is handy, you may dislike the fact that location services are running constantly, draining your phone’s battery life along the way. Luckily you can turn them [location services] off, and keep using Google search.

In order to do so, fire-up Settings and simply turn-off Location Services from Google Search – you can turn-off this capability for every installed app. Now you won’t get Google Now information until you re-enable Location Services. It’s that easy.

Alternatively, you can get an external battery like Mophie’s Juice Pack or an extra charger to carry around, and keep using Google Now like it’s nobody’s business. While I like Google Now, I don’t need it on a daily basis so if I were concerned about the battery life, I would turn it off. Though it’s your call…

  • Ole – dk

    I have an Android (SamsunGoogleNexus), and would like too, to turn off this Google Notification.

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