Kickstarter project raising funds to allow Android apps to run in webOS on HP TouchPad

Kickstarter project raising funds to allow Android apps to run in webOS on HP TouchPad

If you own the HP TouchPad you may’ve already installed Android on it as you can pretty much forget about getting new native apps anytime soon. Or, you may be resorting to dual-boot to run both Android and webOS. While that’s all cool, re-booting all the time is a pain in the neck, and we’re sure you want to run Android apps inside webOS.

That could soon be possible thanks to a new project currently raising funds at Kickstarter. Guys behind this initiative are looking to get $35,000 to support their efforts in porting technology from OpenMobile WorldWide to webOS. This in turn will make Android apps run on webOS, extending the life of the TouchPad along the way.

webOS has impressive multi-tasking capabilities and some really cool features many of today’s platforms are still lacking. And yes, we’re sad that HP didn’t know what to do about it, deciding to dump all of its webOS plans it once had.

We know that LG bought webOS assets but as far as we know, the Korean company intends to use the platform for its next-gen smart TV products, rather than smartphones.

So if you do want to keep using that TouchPad, hop over to this page at Kickstarter and help these guys out. You’ll get something super-useful in return…

  • Boris Stefanovic

    Happy to see anything that’ll extend the relevance of webOS. When I first got my Touchpad I was booting to Android about 10% and over time that has reversed with the need to boot to webOS now an exception. I’m still very happy with webOS on my phone but that’s probably because I can look to a tablet for most other functions the phone used to provide.

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