Existing smartphone owners looking to buy a device with even larger screen

Existing smartphone owners looking to buy a device with even larger screen

There’s a screen-size craze out there as proven by the latest high-end smartphones like the Sony Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S4.

When we look at the second half of 2013, smartphone owners were most likely to be interested in devices with a screen size between 4.2-inches and 4.7-inches. That’s an increase in the preferred smartphone screen size from a 4.3-inch in the same period of 2011.

According to Strategy Analytics, smartphone intenders show greater interest in slightly smaller devices than existing smartphone owners. Moreover, males preferred smartphones with larger screens than females, while current brand of smartphone also impacts future screen size preferences.

Nearly all respondents showed a preference for their next phone to have a larger screen size than their existing handset.

Paul Brown, a Director in the Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice, argues that the intention of many manufacturers to drive screen size up has been very clear over recent months, opening-up the market for phablets.

However, Strategy Analytics’ Vice-President for the User Experience Practice Kevin Nolan thinks that as screen size increases, the way in which consumers interact with the device also needs to be considered. “Larger devices are harder to interact with one-handed, and so it is important for user-interfaces, and especially on-screen key placements, to be designed to allow for easy interaction,” he added.

What about you – what’s your perfect screen size?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’ll stop at 4.7-inches. 🙂

  • DavytheFatBoy

    I want to use it with one hand, and I want it very small and light in my pocket, so I can’t see larger than 4″.

  • Hmm my xperia Go is just perfect but i sure do miss my galaxy note from time to time.

  • Roaduardo

    4.7 seems to be the sweet spot for the “normal” size devices and 5.5 for the “Phablet” types. Increasing the screen sizes while maintaining the rest of the device would be ideal. Get rid of the bezel as much as possible.

    I really would rather companies increase the hardware qualities inside their flagship devices, strengthen the screens further and keep the screens the same size.

    Either way, as long as they keep offering choices in sizes for consumers we win. Look at Samsung, they seem to want to cover every screen size preference out there.

  • Moses orozco

    I am waiting for the galaxy note 3 I like bigger screen

  • Bonedatt

    The 4.3″ on my HTC HD2 was perfect for me back in 2010 and I swore that was the sweet spot, until I got the 4.5″ Galaxy S2. Although I honestly think 4.5″ is the absolute perfect size for me, it didn’t stop me from getting the 4.7″ HTC ONE. ;). I promise y’all, I won’t get a 5″ phone………….. Unless of course it’s a 5.5″ Galaxy note 3 made from one block of aluminum. (Samsung really needs to step their design up)

  • davidwal

    I do not watch much video on my phones. So 4.5 is the largest I would stop at. It is getting ridiculous how big these phones are getting. If I wanted a screen so big I would just carry a tablet around. Tablets usually have bigger batteries and can be used for longer periods of time. I have an original Ipad I only charge it about once a week that is when it goes down to 40%. My daily driver HTC inspire gets charged about once a day with little or no use.

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