Google’s unified messaging platform to be called Google Hangouts? Launching at Google I/O?

Google's unified messaging platform to be called Google Hangouts?

You may’ve heard that Google is working on the unified messaging platform, which up until this point was known as Babel. Now we have a new source claiming that the application/service will actually be released as Google Hangouts.

In terms of features, it will provide users with a consolidated view of Talk, Google+ Hangout and photo sharing services, making it that much easier to cyber-schmooze while on the go.

According to the leaked information, Google Hangouts will launch on iOS, Android and Chrome, largely mirroring capabilities of apps like WhatsApp. That said, we’re not sure users will instantly jump ships and use Google’s own service (rather than relying on existing apps like WhatsApp which are available on more platforms).

Anyhow, it’s likely we’ll get all details at the upcoming Google I/O, when Android 4.3 may also be unveiled. Stay tuned…

[Via: AndroidPolice]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Let’s hope it will work like BlackBerry Hub…

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