Nokia Lumia 925 spotted in leaked picture

Nokia’s London event is fast approaching, so it’s only natural that its newest device leaks on the internet before its officially announced to the world. Thanks to yet another leaked image by the notorious @evleaks, we’re able to see what appears to be Nokia’s latest handset encased in aluminum.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to hit Verizon, but it might also be released as international version as well. From the beginning, the rumors have suggested that the phone may be launching with a plastic or aluminum frame around the outside of the device. However, judging from the light and dark grey 925’s in the image above, we may see aluminum instead — which isn’t bad at all.

Regardless to whatever material the phone is made of – it should be a compelling choice for those folks on Verizon looking for a credible Windows Phone option.

[@evleaks; via The Verge]

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