Snoopify App For iOS And Android Lets You Drop it Like It’s Hot!

Fo’ shizzle my nizzle! Snoopify is one of those apps that is so dope, you’ll be asking yourself; how did we survive before it? The app lets users drop it like it’s hot by snapping photos and adding Snoop themed stickers that’ll make you look like a real member of Death Row. Stickers include Snoop’s head, doobies, grape soda, and even a hairnet. The app, which was created in collaboration with Upper Playground is almost too much fun. The app is free to download, and includes one free sticker pack. If you want more Snoop goodness, you’ll have to drop some paper to grip more stickers.

Snoopify makes it easy to share your masterpieces with all your homies, allowing users to upload their creations via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even via mother%$&#in’ email.

So what’s the holdup? Show some California love. Hop in the ’64 and roll on over to the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store and get ready for some sensual seduction.

[Via: Google Play]



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