New Google Maps web page goes live for a few moments, leaks information

Google is ready to overhaul its desktop version of Google Maps and will likely show off its updated web app at I/O later today. A sign-up page for the new Google Maps went live last night for a few moments, and Droid-Life scoured all that they could find before Google took the page down.

According to Droid Life, the new Google Maps will generate a “tailored map for every search and click you make.” This could be a custom or intelligent map generator that shows relevant information based on your search history and Google Profile.

There’s also a smarter search box that shows point-of-interest information as you search. You could search for nearby restaurants and Google will show ratings, reviews and indoor maps. Google Earth and Google Flight search will also make their way to the desktop version of Google Maps.

Mobile wasn’t mentioned in any of the details, but these features will likely land on mobile in the future. Expect to hear more about Google Maps later today at I/O. We will be on hand in San Francisco to cover the event as it happens.

[Via Droid Life]

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