Ingress 1.26 Update Brings Improved Notifications, Support for Jarvis Virus

Google has released an update for its awesome augmented reality game Ingress today. The new update brings the game up to version 1.26. Here’s what is new in the update:

  • Portal health and faction control info on Portal Keys in the Inventory carousel.
  • Android Notifications for “Portal under attack,” “Portal neutralized,” and “@” messages.
  • Support for Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor objects.
  • New Recharge visual animation.
  • Bug fixes

This update brings some pretty great features with it. Seeing the faction and health of a particular Portal Key in the inventory is helpful for sure, but it’s the Android Notifications and the Jarvis Virus/ADA Refractor objects being enabled that really make this a great update.

While the Android notifications are easy enough to understand, the Jarvis Virus and ADA Refactor object are a simple enough if you know what they do. The Jarvis Virus is a very rare object that will allow an Enlightened Agent to change the faction of a Resistance portal to their side. The ADA Refactor does the the same for the Resistance. Given the rarity of the objects, it may be wise to keep them stocked until you come across a L8 portal of your opposing faction and flip it to yours!

So be sure to hit up the Google Play Store for the update if you’ve not received the update yet.

[Via: Play Store]

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