Lenovo looking to enter the US smartphone market within a year

Lenovo looking to enter the US smartphone market within a year

Lenovo is looking beyond its own backyard for growth in the mobile market. In China, it’s currently the second largest smartphone maker (with 11.4% market share), just after Samsung which commands 17.4% of the market. And while that’s a comfortable position Lenovo will keep milking for the next few years, they’re already looking few steps ahead.

According to the company’s CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s aim is to sell smartphones in the US market within a year. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Yang talked about the mobile market as Lenovo’s next frontier. He was also quick to point that growing in the US won’t be as easy as it is in China. The company will have to go to bed with mobile operators, and perhaps even acquire a company to help facilitate the process.

There’s also one other problem – the smartphone market is different than PC market with former reflecting the fashion industry, according to Yang. He went on to explain that major players like Apple and Samsung are constantly running glitzy marketing campaigns, and that Lenovo will have to adjust to this reality.

Lenovo has recently started selling its Intel CPU-powered K900 in China and we’re pretty confident that device will also find its way to the West…

[Via: TheVerge]

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    Lenovo could also bring its phones to Europe…

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