Acer to unveil a $400 Android PC with Intel’s Haswell chip; UPDATE: Nope, it uses an ARM-based CPU

Acer to unveil a $400 Android PC with Intel's Haswell chip

UPDATE: Acer’s AIO comes with a 21.5-inch screen, ARM-based Texas Instruments 4430 ARM chip (not the one made by Intel) and the pricing is expected to be under $500.

Acer is about to unveil an Android-powered $400 PC with Intel’s Haswell chip, the company said to CNET. Reportedly, the all-in-one (AIO) device will be unveiled next week at Computex in Taipei, rocking the new generation of Intel’s Core i5 processors clocked at 3GHz.

In addition, the Acer AIO will also pack 1GB of RAM (why not more?) while storage configurations will be as small as 8GB, helping the company keep the low price tag. That said, we don’t expect this device to be used for any memory-hungry activities like video editing, though it should be “good enough” for many tasks Android users got used to on their phones and tablets.

The other Taiwanese computer maker Asus already offers something similar, though their AiO P1801 runs both Android AND Windows 8 depending whether the monitor/tablet is docked or not.

Back to Acer. Other details about their AIO like the screen size are still unknown though we’re sure we’ll know everything within a week. Meanwhile, we’re curious to know – what do you think about Android-powered all-in-one PCs? Would you buy one of these devices? Comments form is all yours.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Not sure I understand this device without full-blown desktop apps. I’m better off connecting my phone to the TV…

  • Charles Chambers

    The one gig (and not two) is a deal breaker for me.

  • David Cochran

    What’s funny is they will know more next week, like the screen size. In the haste to report it first, there are few to NO details.

  • Joe D

    So… From a car guy’s perspective, you’ve taken the engine from a LaFerrari and stuffed it inside the body shell of a Volkswagon Jetta. Then you swapped out the media center and interior comforts with the radio and seats from a 1985 Yugo. Got it.

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