Real or fake: Photo of iOS 7 ‘flat’ redesign leaks

Check it out. The image comes from iDownloadBlog with the claim that it’s an authentic leak of an early build of iOS 7. As we all know by now, the UI of iOS 7 is getting a redesign to look more “flat” under Jony Ive. Gloss and shadows will be thrown out in favor of a more streamlined approach to design. Is this photo an accurate representation of what’s to come?

9to5Mac seems to think it’s a legitimate leak, but emphasizes that it was a very early build and does not reflect what the public release of iOS 7 will look like. As you can see, the icons do look more flat and the shadows behind them have been removed. Gloss for the most part is gone too.

Personally, I think it looks fake for a few reasons. For one, there’s a gigantic gap between the top status bar and where the wallpaper and icons appear on the screen. The icons are also angled a tad differently, which means they could have been photoshopped on from a separate image. They seem a bit too playful — reminiscent of Samsung’s style, but not so much of Apple’s. Lastly, Apple is supposedly tossing out the wooden theme of Newsstand in iOS 7, yet the wood remains on the icon in this photo.

It does remain possible that this is just an early build, though. Lots of mediocre design iterations usually come before the good ones. Not to worry, we’ll see the real iOS 7 on June 10th at WWDC 2013.

[via MacRumors]

  • Revy

    Looks like it’s legit. The image seems to be captured during a swipe, which could have a far more playful and delayed drag with the icons rows individually. The only issue i have with that is … the shadows and solid look were never issues. Removing those do nothing for design improvements.

  • zerilos

    Agree with the author for the reason’s he listed. I’m willing to say 100% fake. It may be “mid-swipe” but if you notice the guys thumb is in the wrong place for it to be swiping the screen. Also the icon’s on the left are “swiping” unevenly. The top one is cut off by 50% while the wooden bookshelf icon ( which they are replacing according to all reports) is still 100% intact. This is not a legit iOS 7 screen.

    • From what I can gather, this seems to be a picture of an iOS device of some sort showing the picture, possibly explaining the awkward screen orientation and the cropping. In the picture which is supposedly the iOS 7 alpha, you can just barely see a battery icon. This seems to be an awkwardly taken image (perhaps quickly snapped by a “passerby”), but I see no claims for or against it on the basis of “the status bar is up there and the icons are down there.”

      I’m frankly not sure whether this is fake or real, but it seems like a realistic Apple evolution on design—nothing too insanely huge. I wouldn’t be shocked if it would be something to this extent, if not a bit further given the state of the Newsstand icon. If it is indeed legitimate, I’d say it’s simply an earlier alpha with at least a few visual differences from what we’ll end up seeing.

      • zerilos

        Actually that does make some sense, if it’s a phote of a photo.

  • Amraj Dulai

    I agree it’s fake looks like bull crap

  • autoBOT

    why is the home screen so blurry, shitty looking and crooked to the perfectly focused status bar that would be coming from the same screen? wouldn’t the status bar look equally crappy? i mean, i can make out the time, signal, battery etc perfectly fine, yet the large icons are barely legible.

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