Android Distribution Numbers : Jelly Bean Likely To Eclipse Gingerbread Next Month

It’s been one hell of a battle for Android Jelly Bean to get anywhere near the numbers of 2.3 Gingerbread, but it looks like the latest version of the OS is finally near eclipsing the dominant version.

The latest Android Distribution numbers have Jelly Bean just 3.5% away from matching Android 2.3 Gingebread’s piece of the pie. Combined, Android 4.x now consists of almost 60% of all Android devices. By this time next month, we can assume that Android Jelly Bean will dethrone Gingerbread as the most used version of the mobile operating system. Android Froyo 2.2 and below (Eclair and Donut) are still hanging on for dear life, but have dwindled to less than 5% of all devices.

Sure, it’s great to see that the latest version of the Android operating system will soon be the most used on devices, but it won’t be very long until we see an official announcement for the next version of the OS. Key Lime Pie should be announced within a few months according to rumors, and Android 4.3 could debut as soon as next month. Other rumors suggest that Google has intentionally held back the announcement of Android Key Lime Pie to give handset makers a little more time to catch up, so users won’t have to wait so dreadfully long to receive the update for their handsets.

Unless Google has a grand plan to address how Android handsets receive updates, Key Lime Pie will have the same road ahead of it Jelly Bean had to eclipse Gingerbread.  We don’t see a dramatic shift in the way updates happen anytime soon, but we can (and likely always will) be hopeful.

[Via: AndroidDevelopers]

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