WWDC 2013: iOS 7 Brings True Multitasking to iDevices

Apple unveiled iOS 7 today at WWDC 2013, which brings with it true multitasking. iOS users have been able to multitask only while using certain apps before this update, while iOS 7 allows any apps to run at the same time, making using multiple apps concurrently a possibility.

By pressing the Home button twice, iOS 7 users will be able to pull up the multitasking window, which will display currently running apps in a preview screen. Users can then flick the preview screen up to easily close the app. iOS 7 will also learn from a users app usage, and will update frequently used apps more often while running in the background. iOS 7 will also tailor app updates based on quality of service and location, and save app updates for when users are connected to Wi-Fi and have substantial battery life.

[Via: Apple]

  • Gnote2

    nothing new because android phones have had this feature for years now..C’mon apple..this does not come close to how you can truly multitask on the Gnote 2 or the S3 or S4…Still waiting to wow me apple. You can do much better than that..

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