WWDC 2013: Safari for iOS 7 Cuts the Fat, Leaner and Meaner Than Ever

Among the hordes of features Apple announced today at WWDC 2013 for iOS, Safari wasn’t left out. The default web browser for iOS is now better than ever with many new tweaks and features.

Apple is certainly playing catch-up with Safari, as you’ll see a majority of the changes found within the app essentially mimic Google Chrome. It took this long to add in the unified search box/address bar, and the new way of navigating through tabs.. Well, you’ll see.

Safari for iOS 7 now includes quick access to shared links on your Twitter timeline, further integrating the social network into more pieces of the mobile operating system. A quick swipe from Shared Links is where you’ll find the reading list.

Of course, one of the most interesting and useful features that the new Safari rocks is iCloud Keychain, which will store your passwords securely in the cloud and autofill them when needed. So, if you want to do a little shopping from your phone, your login details will already be there for you. Even better, if you’re creating a new account on a website through Safari, iCloud Keychain can generate a password for you.

While iCloud Keychain is essentially Google Chrome Sync for iOS, it’s more than welcomed and we’re sure that users will be happy with it.

Safari may be behind Google Chrome in a few aspects, but Apple has certainly put in some great features that make the default browser on iOS pretty awesome. Oh, did we mention it’s damn sexy, too?


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