Google Play Music App Updated, Includes Bandwidth Consumption Controls

Google Play Music for Android has received an update today, introducing a feature to help limit data usage while streaming music with the app, as well as search quality improvements and crash fixes.

The new bandwidth usage setting is great for users with tiered data plans, as music streaming can eat up a huge chunk of one’s available data allotment. The new option, called “Mobile networks stream quality” has settings of Low, Normal and High, which allow users to choose the option that suits their data plans. The low option will stream music at the lowest bit-rate possible, while High will offer optimal quality streaming.

Google threw in some other goodies into the update as well,which are listed below. Oh, and FYI, if you signed up for the free trial of Google Music All Access, you will be charged soon for the service. You have been forewarned.

Here’s a complete change log from the Google Play Store:

  • v5.0.1052J
  •  Keeping music on device now much faster
  •  New setting for mobile network bandwidth usage
  •  Search quality improvements
  •  Reduced data usage overall
  • v5.0.1041J
  •  Added option to delete tracks
  •  Can share song and add to playlist from Now Playing screen
  •  Remove from My Library now supported
  • v5.0.1027J
  •  Crash fixes

[Via: Android Spin , Play Store]

  • Tojen1981

    I’m doing the trial right now, and tbh, i highly doubt I’ll keep it after the trial ends.
    – Too complicated to pin songs for offline listening(I know its a streaming service but even purchased songs through Google play are of the same complicated process to keep on your device.)
    – Has a bug on the LG optimus g that stops the songs about 2 min into them.
    – Can’t tell the difference between wanting to pin one song on your device or the whole album. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    – Can’t delete entire albums from the library(if there is a way I haven’t found it). Have to do it song by song.

    Really hoping Amazon starts a music streaming service since I prefer their music player anyway.

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