AT&T Announces New GoPhone Plans and LTE Access

AT&T now has a new set of plans for its GoPhone customers, introducing three tiers of new pre-paid plans today. AT&T GoPhone customers will also be able to take advantage of its 4G LTE network starting on June 21st.

AT&T’s new pre-paid plans range from $25 a month to $60 a month, which are a little cheaper than the company’s previous offerings.

The $60 a month plan includes unlimited voice and text messages and 2GB of data, with an additional 1GB of data available for $10. The $40 monthly plan will provide customers with 200MB of data, 500 minutes of call time and unlimited text messages. Coming in on the lowest end of the spectrum is a $25 a month plan which includes 250 minutes of voice, unlimited text messages and no data, with 50MB of data being available for purchase for an extra $5.

An additional plan that AT&T is offering is a $50 unlimited voice and text message plan, with data available over Wi-Fi only, and basic phone customers can purchase a $35 a month plan with unlimited voice, data and text messages.

[Via: CNET]

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