Sony Smartwatch Gets Open Source Treatment

While many are still waiting on either Google or Apple to ship their own smartwatches before considering such a purchase, Sony has had its own smartwatch offering for quite a while now. The small device didn’t get too much attention when it launched but it may get a little more with Sony’s recent announcement that its smartwatch has now gone open source.

What’s all the fuss? Well, Average Joe likely won’t be running out to grab Sony’s Smartwatch because of the announcement, but it open up many more possibilities for the device. Developers can now create custom software for the smartwatch, but doing so will break existing SmartConnect and SmartWatch applications on the Google Play Store. Still, we have our doubts that this limitation will keep developers from digging in.

Don’t expect to find any custom firmware right now, given that the project was just announced, but it shouldn’t take too long before they begin to pop up.

If you’re rocking a Sony Smartwatch and want to get your hack on, you’ll have to be patient for now, but you’ll soon get your wish. Hit up this link here to find out more on the Open Smartwatch Project.

[Via: Ubergizmo]

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