Acer won’t be launching Windows Phone 8 devices this year

Acer won't be launching Windows Phone 8 devices this year

Acer do want to make a Windows Phone 8 device but only after seeing Microsoft putting more advertising dollars behind the platform.

In an interview with Pocket-lint, Allen Burnes, EMEA vice-president for Acer’s smartphone division, said that Acer doesn’t yet see Windows Phone as a safe bet. He went on to add: “We want to be there, but as someone who is growing up in the industry, we have to take bets and right now we know that this works [Android]. For us, taking that [Windows Phone] bet is not the right decision this year.”

According to Burnes, with Windows Phone devices, Nokia is not only working on its own but also on Microsoft’s brand. He also noted that if the Finnish company had “access to Android, they’d be dangerous,” which is the idea shared by many others in the industry.

Finally, Burnes noted that Windows Phone’s app ecosystem is still behind those of Android with users having to pay for some apps that are available for free on Google’s platform.

Now we’re not sure whether to applaud Acer’s “wait and see” approach or not. By the time Windows Phone gets a decent market share, it will be even more dominated by Nokia, making it that much harder for other vendors.

  • WinDork

    doesn’t really matter, hauwei was right soon there wil only be 3 or 4 phone companies. However, Acer and Hauwei won’t be in that group. It’ll be Nokia/Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Google/Motorola/Nexus

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