Canada: TELUS and Rogers preparing to start selling iPads

TELUS and Rogers preparing to start selling iPads

TELUS and Rogers have both announced plans to sell the 4th gen iPad and iPad mini. As expected, they’ll be selling models with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, offering them with their tablet plans.

No subsidies will be included and you’ll rather pay the full price of Apple’s tablet and then use it with a plan that works for you. The good thing here is that you are free to stop paying whenever you want; the bad thing is – you’ll have to pay the full price of the iPad / iPad mini.

16GB version of the iPad with Retina display at the Apple Store sells for $629, while the 32GB model could be yours for $100 more. As for the iPad mini, the 16GB version could be yours for $459, and the one with 32 gigs of built-in storage for $559.

No word yet if the third major carrier in Canada (Bell) plans to join the iPad party…

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • Goldie20

    You are better off buying directly from Apple and getting the micro SIM for your carrier for free from Apple. Apple stocks micro SIMs for all the carriers and gives them away for new and existing activations.

    If you are an existing Rogers customer and buy from Rogers they will want to charge you for the micro SIM. Only new activations get the card for free.

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