Fable III Free for Xbox Live Gold Members -2 Games Will Be Free Each Month

Folks who subscribe to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold service (which is pretty much anyone who plays online) can download Fable III free of charge until June 30th. Microsoft has started a program where Gold subscribers will get 2 free games each month (similar to Playstation Plus’ giveaways) and they’re starting things off with Lionhead’s third entry in the epic Fable franchise.

As our way of saying thanks for being part of this community, we’re giving all qualifying Gold members two free Xbox 360 games each month for the rest of the year. Each specially selected, fan-favorite game will be available to download only for a limited time, so grab them before they’re gone and keep them no matter what. Tell a friend about this offer so they can go Gold and get free games too.

Fable III, released in 2010 for Xbox 360 and PC, tasks the player with becoming the ruler of the continent of Albion. It’s a big download, at over 5 gigs but that gets you the entire epic game. It’s important to note that the DLC packs are not included but are available for purchase.

From the description:

The Action packed critically acclaimed Xbox 360 exclusive franchise is back with Fable III. Fans new and old will now embark on an epic adventure, where the race for the crown is only the beginning of your spectacular journey. The story is set five decades after events of Fable II, and Albion has matured into an industrial revolution, but the fate of the kingdom is at peril.

[Via: Xbox]

  • Rim

    this is old news.

    • Dragon2323

      Not everyone will know about this, Rim.

    • MCON

      I only found out about this today and that was only because I keep an active eye on the sales on XBL. Which they don’t make it that easy to do, either.

  • Thomas

    Do you get to keep it once you become silver again

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