HTC Fetch will help users track their valuables

HTC Fetch will help users track their valuables

HTC has recently applied for the “Fetch” trademark, describing it as a “portable multifunction electronic tracking device for assistance in locating mobile phones, smartphones, cellular phones, portable computers, tablet computers…” and other valuables. From that description we envision a small, tag device that can be easily attached to different objects, helping users track their valuables.

We assume the Fetch has some sensors inside (GPS among others) as well as a Bluetooth radio to communicate with smartphones and tablets. That’s just a speculation at this point and we’ll rather have to wait and see what Taiwanese company is working on.

A similar tagging devices appeared in the past but none managed to reach the tipping point. Perhaps HTC’s brand could help bring these tags to the mainstream users; perhaps not. Only time will tell…

[Via: Engadget]

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