Will the Droid Rise Again? UPDATED


UPDATE: It’s an augmented reality game, check out the video here.

The official promotional Twitter account of the Droid line, @DroidLanding, sputtered to life today. It put out its first tweet in nearly 2 years, giving rise to speculation about new Droid devices. The tweet indicates something new coming down the pipeline, but doesn’t say what.

@DroidLanding is the Twitter account behind multiple Droid centric teasers, scavenger hunts and contests over the years. But its been dark since tweeting about the Droid RAZR back in November, 2011.

The teaser tweet hints at something. But what? Is it a new Droid phone from Verizon? If so, will it be coming from Motorola? Acknowledging that we know little to nothing now, it’s still an interesting line of speculation.

The Droid line began back in 2009 with the original Motorola Droid (ah, the old A855), Verizon’s first major competitor to the iPhone and a product of a partnership between Verizon and Google. While lots of phones have had the Droid name, the Motorola Droid phones have generally been on the high-end and a showcase for Motorola, Verizon and Android.

With the “X Phone” appearing to be aimed at the mid range, it seems unlikely to receive Droid branding. So what could this new tweet mean? We’ll just have to “standby for further instructions.”

UPDATE: @DroidLanding already has a new tweet out, though it doesn’t offer much more info.

So, is it a complete red herring, or does “augmented reality” have anything to do with anything? Maybe this is just a ploy to sell off Verizon’s remaining Droid DNAs. Or maybe it really is something new. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Let us know your theory in the comments!

[Via: @DroidLanding]

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