Rockmelt, the literal Internet browser, comes to Android

Rockmelt, formerly a social web browser, has a new product and goal after deciding to ditch the browser project back in April. Its new aim is for total content consumption and Android users will finally be able to dig in thanks to the release of Rockmelt on Android today.

Rockmelt’s mission is to help people discover the best online content by bringing it to a single view. It is literally an Internet browser. People can use the service on the website,, through the iOS app, and now through the new Android app too.

The Android app features a new navigation bar that disappears as you scroll to let content dominate the display, buttons for jumping up to the top or back down to where you left off, and a two-column view in landscape mode. I find those jump-to buttons particularly interesting because you can go up to the top when new content is added, and then jump right back down the list if you want to continue scrolling from where you left off. Very cool.

The app is also free to download and ad-free, and there’s built-in social network sharing as well for the interesting content you want to pass along. You can grab the app in Google Play right here.

[via Rockmelt]

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