Facebook Announces Video On Instagram

Outside of the announcement of 130 million users and a billion likes every single day, Facebook announced the introduction of video support for Instagram. Shocking, we know.

In an attempt to sideswipe Twitter’s Vine application, Facebook is now supporting video in Instagram, which will allow the user to record 15 seconds of video and easily upload them to your stream. Instagram will also now support 13 new filters, and allow the user to choose the thumbnail for the video itself.

Instagram itself hasn’t changed much outside of its new video recording powers. Your Instagram feed looks the same, and videos have a small icon at the top of the thumbnail. Videos will play automatically once, and won’t loop, like Vine. Facebook also announced Cinema, which helps stabilize shaky videos.

Overall, the video interface looks simple enough, and we’re sure that some people will have a ball using the new feature. Some won’t.

The updated Instagram app will be available for both Android and iOS starting today.

What are your thought on Facebook’s announcement? Are you excited for Instagram’s new Vine-like feature, or would have you wanted it to stay with photos only? Sound off in the comments below!


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