Verizon Wireless Galaxy S4 Developer Edition now available for $649

Along with the retail version of the Galaxy S4, Samsung also released a developer’s version that ships with an unlocked bootloader. Originally available with support only for GSM networks, Samsung is now selling the CDMA version of the device for Verizon Wireless.

This model is designed for developers and customers who want root access to the device for development, hacking or ROM installation. You pay for the freedom as the developer’s edition costs a cool $649 without a contract. Of course if you wanted to save some money, you could just buy the subsidized version directly from Verizon Wireless for $199 and root it yourself.

[Via Droid Life and Samsung]

  • chrismalone

    Verizon’s getting the S4 Active?
    Wrong pic i think

  • 3D

    I was told from a Verizon Tech that Verizon doesn’t activate unlocked phones on their system. What’s the point of buying a $649 that Verizon will not activate?

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