Intel to speed-up mobile Atom chip development

Intel to speed-up mobile Atom chip development

While Intel is already present in the mobile market, it has a long way to go to reach anywhere near ARM-based chip numbers. The company is well aware of this and is planning to do something about it, focusing more of its vast resources to speed-up mobile Atom chip development.

At the moment, Intel is launching just one to two mobile chips per year which is obviously not enough to compete against an army of ARM-based chip makers, some of which also happen to make their own phones (think: Samsung, Apple, Huawei and soon LG).

According to Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich, things will change within the company and we should expect more devices using various Intel-made processors in the future. He said they are “evaluating” the schedule for future chips with hopes of improving their timing where possible.

That’s all nice but the problem remains that some of the biggest handset makers also make their own chips while the rest of the space is divided among Qualcomm and MediaTek, with NVIDIA fighting for a share in the higher echelons of the market. We’ll see whether the world’s largest chip maker has what it takes to stay relevant in the mobile game…

[Via: Engadget, Reuters]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Intel’s kinda late to the game. It needs to bribe handset maker to use their chips….

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