Verizon’s Droid DNA Drops To $50 – Successor Or HTC One To Replace It?

Whether it’s in anticipation of a successor, the HTC One, or just a coincidence, the Droid DNA on Verizon has been discounted to $50 on a new two-year contract.

With the HTC One on the way, the Droid DNA may seem a bit less desirable than it used to be. Sure, the 5 inch device is still powerful in its own right but we’d imagine that the HTC One will clean the floor with the device. Then again, we could also see a successor of the Droid DNA on the horizon as well.

The latest discount for the Droid DNA may only be a limited time offer, but we’d be surprised if the device wasn’t on its way out the door and store shelves.

So, Verizon customers, would you like to see a Droid DNA successor, or would the HTC One suffice for you? Sound off in the comments below!

Grab your $50 Droid DNA here!

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • DNA owner

    It’s not worth one cent. Google HTC DNA sim card problems. They are all defective.

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