Google Sends Out Invites to Press Event July 11th -Moto X Unveiling?

Google has invited 50 journalists to a small press event on July 11th, according to tech reporter Leo Laporte. In the latest episode of his vid cast, he talks up the mysterious event, and the potential for a Moto X unveiling. You can watch the whole thing below!

Laporte received one of the  invite to Google’s campus from Motorola employee Guy Kawasaki. Laporte speculates that the two day event cold be for the Moto X phone since he knows Kawasaki, and believes he wouldn’t invite him to an event unless it was a big announcement.

Also, it seems there’s a clue (or coincidence?) in the teaser print ad for the X phone. When the company pushed out ads earlier this week, it depicted two people jumping off a dock in the form of an “X” and “I”. This translates to 11 in Roman numerals. It’s a stretch but with this July 11th event announced there could be something to it.

Reports have recently pointed to an August launch for the flagship handset from Motorola. So this time frame would make sense for a July unveiling. Of course, Nokia has its own event scheduled for July 11th and Motorola would probably want to avoid vying for consumer’s attention.

Watch Laporte’s YouTube show below and let us know what you think!

[Via: Techguy Labs]

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