Android Jelly Bean Overtakes Gingerbread As Most Used Version Of OS

We were expecting Android Jelly Bean to overtake Gingerbread this month as most used version of the operating system, and Google’s latest distribution numbers show just that.

Android Jelly Bean is now almost 40% of the entire chart you see above, with Gingerbread slowly going down to 34.1%. We suppose this is a small victory for the OS, but it’s only a matter of time that we’ll see the announcement of Key Lime Pie and the entire cycle begins again. Also, while it’s nice to see that the latest version of the Android operating system is now the majority, it still means that more than half of users aren’t running the latest version. This will likely always be the case.

The new distribution numbers also show that Android 4.0+ is now on more than 60% of devices.

Unless Google has some how come up with a new way of updating its devices in Android Key Lime Pie, Jelly Bean is now the new Gingerbread. Still, Android 4.1-4.2.2 is by and far miles better than 2.3, so we can’t necessarily say that this is a bad thing.

[Via: AndroidDeveloper]


  • Ruester

    I always hate these charts… As of consumers get a choice and are “choosing” older os’s…. Most of us would update if our stupid carriers would roll them out faster! Ugh

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