Dating App Tinder Finally Comes to Android

Do your laundry, get a haircut and get back to the gym, Android users. Tinder is upon us! Get ready to slink out of the shadows and join the beautiful, iPhone using people in their search for love (or, well, you know, something) with Tinder’s uniquely streamlined dating experience.

Tinder began as an iOS at the beginning of this year, and has remained that way until now. It’s become drastically popular on college campuses and in urban centers (hipsters), allowing folks to choose each other and hook up – I mean, go on a date – with a few swipes of the touch screen.

The app syncs with your Facebook contacts to verify you are who you say you are, and your pictures are yours. You’ll see people’s brief profiles and pics but no names, you give them a “yea” or “nay” depending on which way you swipe. If two people like each other it will let them both know.

The app’s beautiful in its simplicity and it’s reached a wide audience. There have been several Android knock off attempts, but none have really taken hold. So Android users, get out there and feel the love!

Check out the description from the Play store (complete with some hilarious review quotes) below:

Tinder finds out who likes you nearby and connects you if you’re both interested.

1) Tinder shows you someone nearby it thinks you should know and lets you anonymously like or pass…

2) If someone you like happens to like you back, then Tinder makes an introduction & lets you chat within the app.


Use Matchmaker to easily make an intro between any two of your friends. Once connected, they can chat inside of Tinder without sharing any personal information.

What the press is saying:

“It’s a rare feat for any app to mirror real-life, but the app does just that.”
– Fast Company

“The application is clearly addictive.”
– The New York Times

“‘Tinder’ is a verb. It has become so popular that the name of the application is an action.”
– The Huffington Post

“Everyone I know is suddenly talking about it.”
– New York Magazine

“Tinder is essentially a postmodern nod to a most primitive form of liberal dating.”
– The Man Repeller

[Via: Google Play]

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