Oppo Find 5 with Windows Phone 8 caught in the wild?

Oppo Find 5 with Windows Phone 8 caught in the wild?

What we have here is apparently the Oppo Find 5 running Windows Phone 8. The problem, however, is that we’re not sure whether the image above is the real deal or just a mockup made by a fan of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

We’d like to think that Chinese Oppo is looking beyond Android to reach more users but at the same time – we’re kinda skeptical they’ll take this route. Don’t get me wrong – I would love to see the Find 5 with Windows Phone 8 hitting the market, offering more options to the users. On the other hand, only the major handset makers are working with Microsoft at this stage, and even they aren’t willing to launch many devices. As I’m writing this, Nokia is dominating the Windows Phone landscape with few other companies like Samsung and Huawei commanding negligible shares of the market. Will that change in the future is still unknown. I can hardly imagine how Oppo can compete with Nokia except perhaps slashing its margins drastically. What do you think and, even more important, would you like to see/buy the Windows Phone-powered Oppo Find 5?

[Via: GizChina]

  • Bibzy

    Congrats Oppo for coming up with Windows Phone.
    What would be called the toughest challenge for other players in the market is the stunning beauty of Oppo along with its features and price.
    Waiting with my finger crossed for the launch…

  • Tueksta

    Let’s think for a second:

    The probability of someone photoshopping pictures on the internet as a hoax to mislead tech news websites and get 15 seconds of fame


    The probability of the existence of a fan of Microsoft’s mobile platform

  • PeterSteinbeck

    With Android market dominated by Samsung other companies should turn to alternative platforms. It just makes sense…

  • vasras

    Another dead-in-the-water phone. Almost nobody in China is interested in WP. Elsewhere Oppo distribution is non-existent (in smart phones at any rate).

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