[Rumor:] Will the Moto X Drop on August 1st?

Motorola had already announced its official Moto X event, scheduled for this Thursday, August 1st. But a conspicuous tweet has set the online rumor mill on fire and led many to speculate that Google owned Motorola will not only reveal the Moto X at its event, but the handsets will be available to consumers the same day.

Motorola fueled the flames this morning posting a picture on the company Twitter account that says, “Moto X, August 1, 2013,” and using it as the official Twitter background. Whether or not the Moto X will drop on August 1 remains to be seen, and Motorola is wisely declining comment and letting the hype build.

Google surprised everyone by making its new Chromecast media dongle available immediately after its announcement last week. So the rumor mill’s working overtime, postulating that Motorola (which was acquired by Google in 2011) will pull off a similar trick on Thursday.

Of course there are a million ways this could happen. Perhaps they’ll be available in Google Play Store, unlocked. Maybe Motorola will announce Moto Xs will be available with a choice carrier partner same day, and later for the others. Maybe the customized versions will be available to order, and carriers will have the standard black and white variants ready to sell. Who knows?

Of course, it’s also possible that the hype is just hype. Motorola will finally reveal (or really confirm, given all the leaks) everything there is to know about the Moto X at its event. We’ll just have to wait until Thursday to find out when we can buy them!

[Via: Motorola Mobility]

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