AnandTech claims Samsung is cheating on Galaxy S4 benchmarks

A report by AnandTech suggests Samsung is gaming benchmarks by allowing the GPU in its flagship Galaxy S4 handsets to operate at a higher frequency with benchmark apps than with other apps.

AnandTech tested the Exynos 5 Octa Galaxy S4 handset and found that the GPU frequency was clocked at 480MHZ  while playing games. When a benchmark app was opened, the GPU jumped up to 532MHz. This jump was recorded for GLBenchmark 2.5.1, AnTuTu and Quadrant. According to AnandTech’s testing, this bump in GPU frequency boosted benchmark performance by more that 11%.

AnandTech warns customers to not use Exynos 5 Octa SGS4 benchmark reports from apps that use the higher GPU frequency. Though it showcases the raw capability of the hardware, it does not reflect the everyday performance.

[Via AnandTech]

  • vacfuzzy

    Who gives a flying fark!

  • Yuvraj

    I wouldn’t be so surprised. Samsung’s cheating it’s customers for long time.

  • Raj

    Samsung always cheat with customers.

  • chuchurocket

    apple’s macbook pro runs at different cpu speed and switches on dedicated graphic only for demanding apps like 3d games. I guess that’s cheating too?

    • Ian Case

      Well, no. If it clocked up ONLY for benchmarks and not for real world applications, then yes. Cuz thats what Samsung is doing. Playing games? 480mhz. Running benchmark? 532mhz. Its like handing a car to Top Gear with the turbo turned up to 18psi so they say how fast it is and how great it drives, but in reality, when you buy it at the dealer, it only boosts to 12psi. Its still fun, still fast, but its misleading when the marketing and reviews have a faster/modified unit that is not representative of real world use.

      • chuchurocket

        Well, macbook and many other laptop clock up ONLY for games too, and the vast majority of laptop owners don’t even play games. Moreover, it has been observed and tested that the camera also has access to 532 mhz. To claim that ONLY benchmarks can access the clock speed is logically invalid, because it implied that in a few short months someone has ran ALL existing android apps and features on the S4, which is impossible.

  • p452833

    No surprise, and Samsung has hired writers each with multiple accounts to post comments as cosumer to influence readers

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