Meet Sigmo, A Universal Translator That Pairs With Your iOS or Android Device

While smartphones today provide language translation options, they can sometimes be awkward and hard to use when stuck in a situation where time is of the essence. A new peripheral called Sigmo is looking to change all that, by providing a universal translator housed in a small plastic box. The device contains both a microphone and speaker, and can instantly translate between 25 languages at a push of a button.

The Sigmo pairs with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth, and uses the device’s language translation software to complete the translation. A free Sigmo app allows users to choose which languages Sigmo should translate too and from. The device is very compact and unobtrusive, allowing users to pin it on their collar or

Sigmo currently supports the following languages:

English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (Canada), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Finish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (China), Mandarin (Taiwan / Hong Kong), Catalan, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Hebrew, Czech, Turkish, African, Malay.

Sigmo is not available just yet, as it is launching its Indegogo campaign next week on August 5th. If the team reaches their funding goals, the device will begin to ship out to backers after the 5th month of development.

Check out the pictures and videos below to see the Sigmo in action, and head over to their Indigogo campaign site if you’d like to back this awesome project.

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