Google to sell an unlocked version of the Moto X in the Play Store

Google and Motorola announced today that the new Moto X will land at five major US carriers when it is released. According to The Verge, Google also will sell a Google Play edition of the Moto X in its online storefront.

The Google version of the Moto X will be unlocked and run a stock version of Android. The biggest advantage to this Google Play version is that it will be free of all the bloatware that carriers typically install on their phones. Because it runs plain jane Android, it will be the handset to have if you want to be on the cutting edge as it will get Android updates before its carrier-branded brethren.

Pricing and availability for the Google Play version of Moto X have not been announced.

[Via The Verge]

  • Rider

    I will wait for the Google edition one..

  • Tony Fyffe

    This would not only be a bad move, it goes against everything Motorola has said about this device. The Moto X is greater than the sum of its parts DUE TO its customizations of Android software. To sell the device running “plain Jane Android” would truly undermine the whole concept, as well as eliminate the most innovative features: always listening to be a touch-free device, being “contexually aware,” and the “Active Notifications.” Without these modifications, you really get a middle-of-the road device. It would be pointless for me to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus without these software features. Also, I bet it wouldn’t have the same battery life running stock Android. It’s such a bad move, I’d be shocked to see this rumor come to fruition. But, hey, they are selling both the HTC One and the S4 with IR blasting hardware running stock Android which has no IR driving software, so I guess it could happen.

  • Random Person

    This is one phone I would have mixed feelings about getting the Vanilla android for because I love the couple features Motorola has added. But getting updates quickly is also important…

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