Oh Crap, Where’s My Droid? Google’s Android Device Manager To The Rescue!

Uh oh, where’s my phone? A situation that’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Google is making finding a lost or stolen device easier today by announcing a new service called Android Device Manager which will help Android device owners locate their devices, and keep them secure.

By utilizing an accompanying app, users of Android Device Manager will be able to ring their handsets at maximum volume, as well as locating their devices on a real-time map. For users who have had a device stolen, the service will also allow for remote wiping of data, to keep nefarious parties from accessing sensitive personal data.

While there are multiple Android apps that provide these functionalities, this is the first official Google service to offer these features. The service will be available later this month for Android devices running Android 2.2 and up.

[Via: Android Blog , The Verge]

  • Luis Cuyares

    Only for those on 4.2.2 and up? For real Google? ¬¬

    • glofp

      Come on – this can be done “better” – at least fro 4x!!!

      • glofp

        Sorry – I read wrong – its for Android 2.2 and up
        not 4.2.2. !!!

        • Luis Cuyares

          I guess they corrected it cause it said 4.2.2 and up. I’m glad that wasn’t the case lol

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