Bing For Windows Phone 8 Updated, Brings New Look And Search Options

Windows Phone 8 users will be receiving an update to Bing search, which begins rolling out today in the U.S. The update refines the Bing search interface and adds some new features, such as new search result categories and improved video and image searches.

A big improvement has been the addition of more search features, with new result categories popping up when swiping left or right on the search results screen. The new Web category provides fresh search results, using local and customized search results. Results for popular websites will be showcased, and the Images and Videos categories will support infinite scrolling and larger thumbnails.

Microsoft has also done some work under the hood, saving users some data in the process. Images and video will populate on demand, with the Web search downloading results for the default web view. Instant answers allow users to receive a cluster of information about a searched subject, cutting back the necessity to open other apps or navigate from the search page.

Look for the Bing search update to hit your Windows Phone 8 device within the next few weeks.

[Via: Windows Blog]

  • Wow! This is just awesome! Loved the new web category as well.

  • TT

    Why can’t you filter by time? Hopefully that will be added soon. The phone has no space for outdated results. Would also be nice if a relevant result was visible without scrolling. The way it operates at the moment probably violates the design guidelines 🙂

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